Revolution 5.5

A circular Tetris game

Revolution Studio is the innovative development platform that lets you quickly create software to get the job done.
Build rich, web-enabled applications for multiple platforms with a single click. Harness the power of multi-user database systems. Manifest your goals, whatever they are, using a language that is quick to learn and easy to maintain.
Ideal for
* Consultants
* Business Managers
* Entrepreneurs
* Scientists and Researchers
* IT Workers and Managers
* Creative Professionals
* Webmasters

Advanced Features
* Create standalone applications for any platform with native appearance and behaviors
* Fully-featured, English-like programming language with 1596 commands and functions
* Extensible with code libraries and compiled externals you write yourself or obtain from third parties
* Integrated connectivity for ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina databases
* Ability to automate system functions and “office” applications
* Embedded web browsers
* Data Grid object for flexible data presentation
* Powerful libraries for manipulating Internet protocols, XML, compression, encoding/decoding
* Flexible chunk expressions, regular expressions, arrays, and sorting functions for manipulating data
* Complete printing and reporting facilities for professional output
* Comprehensive documentation library including 27 “Quick Start” tutorials and videos; 78 sample scripts and code snippets, 13 example stacks, 402-page user guide

Key Benefits
* Write-once, deploy anywhere
* Get more done with a highly productive language
* Streamline organizational workflow
* Grow your business
* Manifest your goals cost-effectively

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